Narfduino – Warning (a.k.a RTFM)

Narfduino is a pretty handy gadget. You get all the configurability of an Arduino Nano, with the convenience of having some Nerf specific circuitry installed on the board.

Normally, using an Arduino is a fairly benign thing. You apply power, and as long as you’re not silly, they work fairly well. But if you stuff up, the worst you’ll get is a bit of magic smoke.

Narfduino is a little different. It has an integrated Half-H-Bridge and runs on a LiPO battery. If you aren’t careful with it, it’s possible to cause the mosfets to directly short the LiPO battery you are using. If you are lucky, a violent explosion will be your prize. If you are unlucky, your LiPO battery will pop as well. And your computer, if you have it attached. And any ESC you have attached.

Therefore, when using the Half-H-Bridge hardware, exercise caution.

Luckily, I have a library that takes all the headache out of using a half-bridge and makes it fairly safe to use. If you are not entirely sure what a half-bridge is, or what dead time, or shoot through means, please use the library provided.


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