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Caronavirus Update mk2

So things have started to become a new normal.. A shipment of Narfduinos to Europe seem to have gotten misplaced on a boat. And a shipment to the US took 3 months. Parts shipments from China have been delayed..

Now it seems to have sorted itself out a bit more. I will shortly have more stock online to purchase, however with the following provisos:

1 – Australian shipments will be as before.
2 – Untracked international shipments will not be available.
3 – In some cases, express international shipping will be the only option. In other cases, shipping to your country may not be available.
4 – International distributors are coming into stock soon. They may increase their prices to cover the additional shipping costs.

I understand this may not be the most ideal situation for some people. I would encourage people to buy from their local distributors. Hopefully we can get back to normal soon.