Narfduino Brushless Micro


A drop-in semi-auto brushless control system

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Narfduino Brushless Micro is a drop-in board used to control brushless flywheel motors. No programming required, it can directly connect to your LiPO for fit in the tiniest of spaces.



Power supply tested on 2s to 6s LiPO packs.


Can support a wide variety of ESC’s out of the box.


Supports an optional speed control pot for easy adjustment, plus an onboard max performance governor.


Additional Notes

You will need to supply your own ESC’s – this product will generate the signals used to control them.


Depending on the ESC, you may need to tune them prior to use. Typically this is BLheli_xx based ESC’s, but you can use a cheap USB linker to do this.


Not attaching a speed control pot will cause it to run at the maximum performance configured by the onboard governor.


Just because you can run 3d printed flywheels up to 100k RPM doesn’t mean you should. In particular, Ultrasonic systems should be limited to 75-80% max power on 4s.




More details

Please check the Narfduino Brushless Micro documentation page for further details



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25mm x 16.5mm x 3.5mm



This product is designed for high-performance blasters. Please exercise due caution when modifying and using modified blasters.



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Warranty & Returns

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This is an advanced modification product and is while sold as a drop-in, it requires additional components. If you are not sure how to go about building a blaster, contact me.


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