Narfduino Console (3-button)


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Product currently in Beta testing.

Narfduino Console is an all-in-one console board featuring an OLED, rotary encoder, a few buttons, and a few expansion ports. This connects to your control system over I2C bus, and has an additional “Interrupt” signal line to indicate a change in the button state.



5 wire interface to provide 3 buttons, OLED, rotary encoder, and a few expansion ports

Uses I2C bus for simple communications. OLED uses the common SSD1306 controller. 5v and 3.3v compatible. 400khz compatible.


Additional Notes

Currently in Beta testing and not currently for sale to the general public.



n.b. These are Beta units and therefore only should be used as an indication

(Front Profile)

(Rear Profile)

(Wiring Diagram)

(Installed in a housing)

(Installed in a housing)


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This product is designed for high-performance blasters. Please exercise due caution when modifying and using modified blasters.



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