A microcontroller designed specifically for high tech Nerf blaster modifications

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Narfduino is a microcontroller designed specifically for Nerf and other foam dart blaster applications. The board takes care of all the headaches that come with wiring such a blaster, but gives total flexibility for a range of flywheel configurations, and pusher mechanisms. Programming is more or less the same as any Arduino Nano.



Power supply tested on 2s to 4s LiPO packs. It should be fine on 5s, but this is untested.


Integrated Half-H-Bridge to give DC motor drive and braking directly on-board. Rated for approx 20a continuous, with bursts of 80a. Exposed traces can be built up with solder or bus bars to increase current rating. You can also attach a solenoid instead of a motor


Integrated battery voltage monitor


ATMega328p microcontroller. All pins are broken out for use, with the exception of D5, D15, and A7 – which are for the Half-H-Bridge and battery monitor.


USB Serial bridge. Connect directly to your PC by USB cable to program. Break-out pads are included for USB so you can run a remote USB port, if you like.


Additional Notes

You will not need anything extra to drive a solenoid, or a reasonably sized pusher motor (any 130, 132, and most 180 motors will be fine).


A selection of prebuilt firmware is ready to download and install for a number of common scenarios, although there may be some tweaking required to fit your particular scenario.


To control brushless flywheels, you will need appropriate ESC’s.


To control brushed flywheels, you will need an external mosfet (unless you wish to use the onboard half-h-bridge)



Front of Narfduino for size comparison

Rear of Narfduino


More details

Please check the Narfduino documentation page for further details



Prices are indicated in Australian Dollars, exclusive of GST (for Australian orders). GST is added automatically on Australian orders. If you war regularly with Sydney Nerf, contact me through FB and I can give you a discount.



49mm x 23mm x 6mm



You are responsible for your own half-bridge dead-time generation and shoot-through protection. Failure to provide appropriate dead-time will cause fireworks. A control library is available to download and install into Arduino that will take care of this for you.

Failure to provide jam detection or manual abort capability on pushers and flywheels may lead to a stalled motor burning up it’s windings. Depending on the motor, this may damage the Narfduino

It is not recommended to connect your Narfduino to your computer and LiPO battery at the same time. Although there is back-feed protection circuitry built in, I won’t be responsible if something happens and you lose a USB port and/or motherboard.

This product is designed for high-performance blasters. Please exercise due caution when modifying and using modified blasters.



Untracked shipping is an option for international guests. Please note that “lost in mail” is not something I can help you with if you select the untracked option. If you select the tracked option, and something happens in shipping, contact me and I’ll organise something for you.

Local delivery and cash payments are available to people who attend Sydney Nerf events. Please check with me prior to selecting this option, as I also need to be attending this same event.


Warranty & Returns

You are free to return your product within 30 days, provided it is unused and unmodified. You will be responsible for return shipping. Please use tracking as lost mail will not be compensated for. Please contact me to start this process.

All boards are tested prior to shipping. If for some reason it’s dead on arrival, please contact me.

Once soldered to, all warranties and return rights are voided.

This is an advanced modification product and is not sold as a drop-in. If you are not sure how to go about building a blaster, contact me.


Volume Orders

If you wish to buy 10 or more of these, please contact me for a price.

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